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                  E V R I C A !!  A SCIENCE AT A LEVEL OF A FANTASY !

The largest opening of last years in physics of space in 10 books  under the general name

                 “BASES KOSMOLOGY and THEORIES of the GROUND "


     1. Introduction in kosmology.

     2. How the Sun rotates?

     3. Solar activity and opportunities of optimization of life on the Earth.

     4. Whether the Moon rotates?

     5. Why Venus rotates in the opposite direction?

     6. Last version of secret of geomagnetism.

     7. Rotation of the Earth and artificial correction of its nature.

     8. Mercury and Mars - servants of two misters.

     9. Newton or Kepler?

     10. To a problem of life in Solar system.


     The reason of powerlessness of a modern science to explain many puzzles of a nature both on the Earth, and behind its limits, is, on M.H.Tursunov's belief, absence of the general managing theory which is simple and without a special pressure might operate development of all natural sciences and solve various vital problems of mankind.        

     Developed M.H.Tursunov the theory of space and the Earth appeared capable not only to answer any questions of global character, but also to interfere, in some cases, with their nature in interests of a society. But not stacked in our habitual mentality sights of the author appeared so unexpected, that the representatives of the modern natural sciences who have been brought up since school years on erroneous representations, prevailing in all textbooks, directories and encyclopedias may not "digest and be reconstructed on the new principles asserting simplicity and viability of his theory, capable to accept responsibility to declare, that a nature of the Earth it is possible is artificial to change by intervention in its physics precisely how scientists find optimum modes of operation of the machines invented by them and mechanisms.

     Opening of Tursunov  allow by physicomechanical intervention in physics the Earth is artificial to rejuvenate its nature to use energy of rotation of the Earth as a source of the electric power for all globe, to solve a problem of ecology by global change of its climate, by reduction of day to make active a daily biorhythm of wildlife, by elimination of non-uniformity of speed of rotation of the Earth to remove catastrophically strong earthquakes, eruptions of volcanos and much many other things.


     Urgently we ask experts and the solvent organizations or persons – sponsors to familiarize with materials resulted below. In case of need may send full texts of books. The decision of global problems of mankind is possible after performance of the appropriate experiments described in books of the author.


     Your remarks or offers ask to direct on the following addresses:

     1.  700175, Tashkent, file Кarakamish 2/3, the house 11, sq. 18. For Maksud Hidoyatovich Tursunov.

     2.  http://narod.yandex.ru/guestbook/? owner=537192 

     3.  the guest book of a site http://kosmologic.narod.ru/cosmology2.htm or kosmologic@ok.ru

       For the beginning we have found sufficient to give the basic text in Russian.

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Содержание 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 ,12 , 13 

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